ICOONE® is a new method of skin treatment

The latest medical patented ICOONE® technology – allows for precise work on connective tissue. It eliminates cellulite, localized fat, loose skin, lymphedema, scars, constipation, muscle stiffness, tendonitis and all signs of skin aging.


The great revolution that ICOONE® represents is a new method of skin treatment. It is a patented technology that involves the work of mechanized massage heads with rollers with numerous micro-holes creating Multi Microstimulation Roboderm®, which works precisely and deeply on every millimeter of skin without stretching it or causing injuries. Thanks to this, the skin receives 21,600 microstimulation stimuli per minute of work. The result is an extremely accurate, multidimensional massage of the treated surface while maintaining great respect for the skin.

Modelowanie sylwetki w SPA REN
Modelowanie sylwetki w Spa REN
What can we expect from a series of ICOONE® LASER treatments
  • improve the appearance, tension and elasticity of the skin
  • slimming, breaking down fat and shaping the figure
  • cellulite reduction
  • skin rejuvenation and firming
  • improving physical and mental well-being
  • reduction of swelling and inflammation
  • treatment of post-burn conditions and scars
  • complement other body shaping treatments
  • analgesic effect
  • decrease in muscle tone
  • stimulation of collagen and elastin production and skin lifting
  • stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, stimulation of exchange
  • intercellular and restoration of normal metabolism
modelowanie sylwetki w spa
Medical programs
  • Lymphedema
  • fresh and fibrotic scars
  • Constipation
  • Management after liposuction
  • muscle pain
  • contractures
  • tendonitis
  • sensory disturbances
  • Injuries
  • preparation of the body for physical exertion
  • Well-being
Spa w Hotelu Ren
Indications for facial treatment
  • face oval modeling
  • wrinkles, furrows
  • reduction of skin pores
  • improvement of skin tone
  • face skin lift
  • double chin
Indications for body treatment

Cosmetic programs:

  • cellulite
  • localized fat
  • body shaping
  • loose skin
  • stagnation of water, feeling of heaviness
modelowanie sylwetki w spa

Active cancer; acute kidney and liver diseases; pregnancy; Inflammation; infectious diseases; epilepsy; photosensitizing medicines and herbs; allergy to light; breastfeeding; hormone therapy; menstruation; Hernia; Varicose veins; protruding pigmented birthmarks; lipomas and nodules.

Recommendations after the procedure

Reminding treatment

After a full series of Icoone treatments, the skin is stimulated, cellulite is smoothed, excess fat is excreted from the body, and the silhouette becomes sculpted. After an intensive, first series of treatments, it is worth remembering about reminding treatments. Thanks to regular stimulation of tissues, the body will not return to its previous state, and the client will be able to enjoy the effect of Icoone treatments. After just one reminder treatment a month, tissue memory will be activated and the skin will retain its beautiful, smoothed appearance.

For the best effect, it is recommended to perform reminder treatments once a month, it is a much more effective scheme compared to a series of treatments performed once a year.

Physical activity

As in the case of diet, this is not a necessary condition to achieve results, but thanks to physical activity, the quality of our skin will be visibly improved and the reduction of body fat will be increased. In addition, physical activity stimulates the body to remove accumulated water, and with it also removes toxins. Thanks to these elements, the result will be visible longer. It is worth remembering that physical activity takes many forms

and each of us will find a place for ourselves in it.


Although Icoone treatments will provide us with satisfactory results without a draconian diet, to get the best results it is worth considering improving eating habits. It is recommended to introduce several changes in nutrition, thanks to which the effect of the treatments will be with us longer, and an additional benefit will be

the improvement of health and the condition of the whole body.

Of the recommendations that are worth remembering are, of course, drinking the right amount of water. Remember that water will allow you to remove toxins from the body and hydrate cells. Proper hydration will benefit the whole body, including the condition of our skin. We should provide the body with min. 2l of water during the day.

It is also worth remembering the principles of rational nutrition, one of the most important issues is the regularity of meals consumed. The optimal will be the consumption of 4 to 5 meals during the day at fixed times. Let’s try to eat vegetables at every meal, and let’s

give up simple sugars. The diet should also be rich in mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids and wholesome protein.

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