AQUAMETIQ hydrogen purification

Reducing excess free radicals

The action of active hydrogen allows you to reduce the excess of free radicals, too much of which contributes to premature aging of the skin. The method of action used in the Aquametiq hydra prime device perfectly cleanses the skin and has a moisturizing effect.

The method of operation used in the device is based mainly on the penetration of hydrogen into the deeper layers of the skin structure, which takes place thanks to a saturated stream of water, additionally providing deep exfoliation. Thanks to this, we not only obtain better treatment results, but also protect our skin against premature aging.

Application: cleanses the skin, neutralizes excess free radicals, protects against premature aging, effective in scar problems, provides skin rejuvenation, lifting and nourishing effect.

The hydrogen purification treatment consists of several stages, such as:
  • exfoliation of dead epidermis,
  • neutralization of free radicals,
  • oxygenation,
  • Lamination
  • injecting active substances into the skin,
The treatment does not require specific preparations. It is enough to wash off the makeup.

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