BioOxy Infusion - oxygen infusion

BioOxy Infusion Cell Treatment

Oxygen infusion is an innovative device for performing a cell procedure BioOxy Infusion. It is a unique way of injecting concentrated active ingredients deep into the skin, in several ways and based on different methods.

The BioOxy Infusion method is a specially prepared device that in a painless, safe and interesting way provides the skin with extremely valuable substances contained in the company’s concentrates and supplies cells with life-giving oxygen. Using a special Oxy Massage head, which is performed an original 15-minute “dermooxygen” massage. Thanks to the synergistic combination of technology and specially prepared dermocosmetic preparations, the treatment performed through the device is an excellent alternative to all invasive activities.

The BioOxy Infusion injection method, using safe treatment cocktails, guarantees the possibility of using the therapy for virtually every client, regardless of age or skin type.

BioOxy Infusion
BioOxy Infusion
Treatment concentrates:
  • Anti-Age – The power of snake venom with stem cell technology,
  • Régénérant – The Secret of the Snail,
  • Éclaircissant – dragon’s blood,
  • Hydrate – Hyaluron’Duo,
  • Photodynamique – Laser’IQ,
  • Stimulation+ – TRICO PLEX (Trichology),
  • AciMed IQ – medical peels.
Effects of the treatment:
  • oxygenation and hydration of the skin at the cellular level
  • smoothing and rejuvenating the skin
  • raising the face oval
  • improvement of firmness and elasticity
  • wrinkle filling
  • eye lift
  • Lip enhancement
  • stimulation of natural skin reconstruction processes
  • alleviation of acne lesions

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