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Professional skin care services

In our treatment menu you will also find care treatments: moisturizing, lifting, cleansing and cavitation peeling, microdermabrasion, medical peels, needle / microneedle mesotherapy.

We work on professional cosmetics of such brands as: Medi + Derma, Thalgo, M’onduniq, Filorga.

The offer is also extended by complementary treatments such as eyebrow regulation, henna and waxing.

Skin problems requiring facial treatments:

  • Problematic skin
  • Dilated vessels
  • Discoloration
  • Signs of aging
  • Dryness or symptoms of dehydration
  • Skin in need of exfoliation
  • Skin with symptoms of fatigue and stress
Hotel Ren zabiegi kosmetyczne
Hotel Ren zabiegi kosmetyczne
Cavitation peeling

Cavitation peeling – its main goal is deep, but at the same time gentle cleansing of the skin using a micro-massage. Wetting the face before the start of the procedure causes that under the influence of ultrasound, water droplets turn into air bubbles. Subsequently, the vibrations cause the molecules to break down and thus destroy the layer of keratinized epidermis. After peeling, an ampoule, mask and cream are applied to the client’s skin.

Indications for the procedure:

  • acne vulgaris
  • rosacea
  • blackhead acne
  • blackheads
  • enlarged pores
  • dry skins
  • oily skin
  • tired skin
  • skin discoloration
  • mimic wrinkles
  • scars
  • swelling
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Diamond microdermabrasion

Diamond microdermabrasion is a type of mechanical peeling, which is performed using specialized equipment equipped with diamond heads (hence the name). The treatment consists in exfoliating the epidermis in order to get rid of its problematic, top layers.

Indications for the procedure:

  • skin aging – preventive and therapeutic
  • photoageing
  • calluses and millets
  • hollows and unevenness of the skin
  • seborrheic skin
  • wrinkles and word lines
  • spots and discoloration
  • Stretch marks
  • post-traumatic scars
  • acne scars
  • blackhead acne
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Medical peels

Medical peels help fight skin lesions such as acne or discoloration. These treatments consist in intensive exfoliation of the epidermis with the help of strong acids.

Indications for the procedure:

  • discoloration ( chloasma, freckles)
  • acne
  • Blackheads
  • Stretch marks
  • acne scars
  • Seborrhea

Medical peels also help to combat the problem of dry and rough skin and the effects of aging – wrinkles, loss of skin firmness. Medical peels are also indicated for facial cleansing.

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Needle mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy is a local treatment consisting in injecting a given area with a mixture of nutritional preparations. The ingredients of the preparation are individually selected to the needs of the patient’s skin. It is also one of the most popular aesthetic medicine treatments. It is a great solution for people who want to rejuvenate and nourish their skin, especially since the effect is immediate. The therapy consists in strengthening the skin from the inside, using a series of micro-punctures.

Needle mesotherapy is most often associated with smoothing wrinkles and hiding dark circles under the eyes. However, these are not its only uses. It is also used to deeply moisturize dehydrated skin, firm the body, get rid of cellulite, furrows and scars. A very popular treatment is also scalp mesotherapy, which prevents excessive hair loss.

Indications for the procedure:

Mesotherapy is a particularly attractive treatment due to its almost immediate effects. From the first treatment it is visible:

  • smoothing wrinkles
  • brightening of the skin
  • skin firming
  • elimination of discoloration
  • skin hydration
  • smoothing stretch marks
  • reduced cellulite
  • “Baby hair” and reduction of hair loss in case of scalp mesotherapy

Usually, the treatment is based on a minimum of 6 sessions, which are performed 2 weeks or a month apart. Then one treatment is performed every few months to maintain the effects.

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Microneedle mesotherapy

Microneedle mesotherapy – It involves mechanical puncturing of individual layers of the skin using sterile needles of small thickness. This technique allows for controlled damage to the epidermis leading to the formation of local micro-injuries and their delicate bleeding.

In this way, the regenerative processes of the epidermis are activated. Platelets enter the extravascular space, where they produce proteins that stimulate cells to regenerative processes. As a consequence, growth factors stimulating fibroblasts and keratinocytes for the synthesis of internal collagen and elastin are released. These reactions lead to an increase in the elasticity of cells and tissues, which makes the skin firmer and more plastic.

Indications for the procedure:

  • reducing the visibility and shallowing of wrinkles around the scalp and neck; reducing discoloration and redness;
  • delaying the aging process of the skin by stimulating the skin to synthesize internal collagen and elastin; adequate hydration and hydration of the epidermis;
  • smoothing and alignment of the color of various types of scars, e.g. acne, postoperative, post-burn;
  • lowering the secretion of sebum by sweat glands, which makes it an effective method in the fight against acne vulgaris;
  • improving the condition of the skin and face oval, increasing their elasticity,
  • better blood flow through small blood vessels, which improves microcirculation;
  • minimizing the size and visibility of stretch marks.

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